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Welcome to Blood & Shadow. We are a cross over role play game, that takes place within the second season of both The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle. Putting the two towns closer together we have sent Diana to Mystic Falls on her road trip, and Bonnie to meet up with a distant cousin, Melissa, in Chance Harbor. Diana's family book has secrets regarding the Originals and the balance kept between vampire and werewolf. Meanwhile Bonnie may have information to help those in Chance Harbor deal with the Balcoin circle and dark magic. Of course, it's only together that they will be able to keep the balance and deal with the Originals now on their way. Secrets regarding the moonstone and other artifacts are only part of what they must uncover.

We are a mature and intermediate site that has a word count of 400 words per post and a minimum requirement of one post per week for activity. Wanting to nurture a no pressure, fun, and plot heavy site where members can make the plots as they go and not feel the need to rush through posts just to keep active. If you have any questions please feel free to ask staff. We are open to characters from the books and already deceased. While we will follow much of the shows we do not promise to keep to all the plots as we take things as our members post and in the directions they prefer to go.










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